The Burger Van At The End Of The Gig
A six part television series which will be broadcast
On regional TV stations in UK, EU, USA, and Australia.
The Burger Van At The End Of The Gig
A Three part series for Television
The Burger Van at the End of the Gig is a series created by Pete Tindal for
The Cherokees”

The film is about a band that had hits in the sixties and is still playing, but with one member down,
the rhythm guitarist who got left behind on a tour.

The band have been getting kicked out of every gig and the final one is at the White Hart pub in Wadhurst,
the only place who will book them and now, they have had it. The landlord tells them that they are washed up
and don’t come back.

On the way home which is a wet ugly night bones says “I am starving I would sell my soul for a Burger,
all of the band agrees,  there is a flash of lightning and the band find themselves driving down a country lane,
they come to a top of a hill. They come to a stop and below is a burger van with tables and chairs, in front is a
stage with four figures seated, on stage is a band who disappear in a flash.

The band drive down and walk up to the van,  there is a burger flipper and assistant, they ask for burgers and
go to pay, but the flipper says you have already,  with your souls, and points to four jack Daniel miniatures with
mini band members inside that are glowing and looking scared.

They shrug and sit down to eat their burgers with an Elvis He asked them to back him, There is a cover band
playing and the X factor judge, who looks like the grim reaper points to a big door beside the stage, it is glowing
bright and they are escorted in by two dancing go go girls and the door closes.

The band look a little stunned and Pete says “where have they gone”. The burger flipper says “tribute band” all
cover and tribute bands go to music hell. Where they have to play, Beiber and top forty tributes forever. The next
artist on stage is the Elvis with the band backing him. . he gets halfway thru his song when there is a huge flash
and the stage is empty, where did he go, Bones asks the flipper. The grim reaper replied “all Elvis’s go to Heaven”

The burger flipper turns out to Lucifer, who is trying to get Hell filled up with souls again, because Colonel Tom
Parker was sent to hell for ripping of Elvis but he managed to do a side deal with God for all the souls in hell to be
redeemed if he could get into heaven and mange Elvis properly. So God pardoned all of the souls and hell is now
empty so he is trying to fill it up with bad musician’s managers and lawyers.

The band audition and get through. The X factor judges who are the grim reaper, a girl goblin a girl vampire and
a leprechaun.  The other band is ushered to the stage and they get through there is a flash and they are gone,
the Cherokees go to the stage and perform “If I Lived Here”.

The band are in the local bemoaning their bad luck when the Delvis Elvis appears and says because the band
helped him out Elvis has sent him back and that he is here to help them out and get a gold record to get out of hell.  
They say they look to old but Elvis has granted Delvis the power to make them all look seventeen to anyone
who looks at them.

They get invited to the record label to meet the president of the company, who looks just like the burger
flipper and his A&R manager.  Both bands get a deal and subsequently become famous, they both receive
a gold record. And all is forgiven and Lucifer gets the souls he needs to keep hell going.

The band awake to a brand new day the only thing that is remaining of the whole ordeal is the burger
wrapper and their souls on the front of the band van dashboard.